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SunTrust Bank is one of the respectable banks with total assets of $170.8 billon on March 31, 2011. The services that SunTrust Bank provides are vast but include: deposit, credit, trust, and investment. They also specialize in mortgage banking, brokerage, investment management, equipment leasing, and investment banking services. With all the services SunTrust provides, one can see how this bank continues to be growing in this questionable economy.

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The best 10-year CD rates aren't necessarily higher than the best five-year CD rates, and locking up your money for a decade, especially in a low-rate environment, is unlikely to be in your best. Certificates of Deposits (CDs) Account Overview. Save for short or long term goals with competitive and guaranteed interest rates. At SunTrust, we’re dedicated to providing you with a clear, easy-to.

SunTrust also serves clients in selected markets nationally and vigorously enhances the lives of their clients, communities, colleagues, and their shareholders. SunTrust offers 1,665 retail branches and 2,924 ATMs which are located primarily in Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. They also have superior online services and offer 24-hour customer services centers.

Review: SunTrust Bank Services

Credit Card Services: The credit cards provided by SunTrust are highly recognized because they are accepted at more than 21 million merchants and offer amazing awards. Roadside Dispatch is included with all the credit cards and a built-in option to make contactless purchases, which is perfect for avid iPhone users. The SunTrust Platinum Visa® with SunTrust rewards combines the two other credit cards they have to offer.

Checking Accounts: SunTrust has an easy option for you to decide which account is best for your lifestyle and financial needs. On their website, they provide recommendations once you select the different options that you need. Simple and easy to understand descriptions are provided for each account so that you spend less time researching and more time finding the right account for you. The most basic checking account they offer is called Everyday Checking which requires a $100 minimum opening balance and only a $500 minimum daily collected balance to avoid the monthly maintenance fee of $7.

Suntrust Cd Rates Certificate Of Deposit


If you need to place your funds in a secure place, then no look no further because SunTrust Bank can help fulfill this need. You can invest your funds for a given amount of time at a fixed interest rate so that you do not need to worry about any interest rate fluctuations that may occur. SunTrust Bank offers CDs ranging from seven days to 10 years. Their philosophy is “the more money you put into your CD, the more you’ll get out of it.”

The minimum opening balance to open a CD is $2,000 and the maximum opening deposit is $1,000,000.00 per CD.

SunTrust Bank – Special CD Package – as of 7/18/11

  • 44 month CD & IRA CD and 64 month CD & IRA CD – 2.10% APY

SunTrust Bank – Special CD Offers – as of 7/18/11

  • 9 month CD – 0.30% APY
  • 15 month CD & IRA CD – 0.50% APY
  • 25 month CD & IRA CD – 0.75% APY
  • 37 month CD & IRA CD – 1.25% APY
  • 59 month CD & IRA CD – 2.25% APY

For more information, or to open an account, please speak with a SunTrust representative at 800.279.4824.

Terms & Conditions: To qualify for the Special CD Package, balances must be split evenly between CDs in the package. A SunTrust checking account is required. A penalty is imposed for early withdrawals.

[tab:Savings Accounts]

Two savings accounts are offered bySunTrust which can help with savings goals while earning interest. SunTrust realizes how hard it is becoming to save and rewards its faithful customers with a bonus into theirsavings account. They offer many techniques to help track every dollar you are spending so that you can meet your savings goal.

SunTrust Bank – Personal Savings Account: Features & Benefits

  • Avoid a $4.00 monthly maintenance fee with a monthly automatic transfer from checking of just $5.00 or a low $300.00 minimum balance
  • No monthly maintenance fee for minor account owners
  • Competitive interest rates
  • The ability to deposit or withdraw funds at any time
  • Access to your funds through more than 2,800 SunTrust ATMs
  • Limit of 2 withdrawals per calendar month unless you are on a combined statement, in which case you are limited to 2 withdrawals per combined monthly statement cycle.
  • $4.00 per withdrawal over 2 per month, waived with Minimum Daily Collected Balance of $2,500 or more
  • Security of FDIC insurance coverage
  • Quarterly statements of account earnings
  • Monthly statements if you have any electronic funds transfer activity or if your account is combined with checking
  • Daily compounded interest (based on your collected balance, and credited to your account quarterly)

SunTrust Bank – Live Solid Savings: Features & Benefits

  • A competitive interest rate
  • A one time bonus
  • Low minimum opening balance requirement of $100
  • No monthly maintenance fee when you set up automatic transfers for as little as $25 a month from your SunTrust checking account, OR maintain a $1,000 minimum balance
  • Available combined statements – savings and checking on one easy-to-read statement
  • Peace of mind with available overdraft protection for your SunTrust checking account
  • An excessive withdrawal fee of $4 is assessed if more than two
  • pre–authorized, telephone funds transfers or third party transactions are paid during the month. The fee will be waived for accounts that maintain a minimum balance of $2,500 each month.
  • No overdraft protection transfer fee when Live Solid Savings is the protector account.

[tab:Money Market]

SunTrust Bank is offering a money market account exclusively to their personal checking clients. One if its amazing features is the ability to earn competitive rates of interest while still being FDIC secured. You are able to access your money anytime/anywhere and there is no minimum withdrawal amount.

The requirements and basic information to qualify for this account are as follows:

  • An open SunTrust personal checking account
  • $100 minimum opening deposit
  • $5,000 minimum daily collected balance
  • No monthly maintenance fee if balance requirement is maintained or $15/month if not maintained
  • $15 excessive withdrawal fee (over 6 per statement period)
  • Check Safekeeping is a required feature of this product.
  • Interest is calculated and compounded daily on the collected balance and credited to your account monthly.

SunTrust Bank Advantage Money Market Account – Opened Online – as of 7/29/11

The interest rate earned on their money market account is based on the following ledger balance tiers:

  • Tier 1-$2,499.99 or less
  • Tier 2- $2,500 to $9,999.99
  • Tier 3-$10,000 to $24,999.99
  • Tier 4-$25,000 to $49,999.99
  • Tier 5-$50,000 to $99,999.99
  • Tier 6-$100,000 to $249,999.99
  • Tier 7-$250,000 to $499,999.99
  • Tier 8-$500,000 to $999,999.99
  • Tier 9- $1 million or more


SunTrust Bank is one of the leading innovative banks to offer managed properties for sale available for easy viewing on their website. Support is readily accessible and is SunTrust’s main concern. They offer many educational resources to make sure you are fully aware of the different kinds of mortgage loans offered by various banks.

The rates below are indications for 60 day lock-ins on single family, owner-occupied properties with a loan to value ratio of 80% or less, for applications filed using the Online Loan Application.

To see examples of monthly payment terms, view SunTrust’s APR Examples.

SunTrust Bank – Fixed-Rate Mortgage Loans – as of 7/29/11

  • 30 yr Fixed Conventional – 4.375% Interest Rate – 0.000 Discount Points – 4.490% APR
  • 30 yr Jumbo Fixed – 4.875% Interest Rate – 0.250 Discount Points – 5.009% APR
  • 30 yr FHA – Fixed – 4.250% Interest Rate – -0.375 Discount Points – 4.850% APR
  • 15 yr Fixed Conventional – 3.750% Interest Rate – -0.500 Discount Points – 3.871% APR

SunTrust Bank – Adjustable Mortgage Rates – as of 7/29/11

  • Agency 5/1 ARM 30 yr – 2.875% Interest Rate – 0.250 Discount Points – 2.580% APR
  • Agency 7/1 ARM 30 yr – 3.250% Interest Rate – 0.125 Discount Points – 2.817% APR

Terms & Conditions:Rates, points and closing costs may vary based on loan features, geography and/or other terms and conditions. Rates, points and closing costs are subject to change without notice. Additional rate and point quotes are available; please contact your loan officer for more information.


SunTrust Bank operates more than 1,400 bank branches across the southwestern United States. This Atlanta-based bank got its start in 1890 and continues to serve clients with a clear mission statement — “Lighting the way to financial well-being.”

SunTrust Bank offers a range of consumer client services with a significant focus on wealth management, growth and long-term investment planning. Interest rates for SunTrust’s offerings are on par with other brick-and-mortar banks but fall behind its online competition.

As a primarily regional bank, SunTrust offers benefits for clients living in and around its service area, but its web presence may lack some of the functionality and ease-of-use delivered by online only banks.

SunTrust at a glance

  • Historical legacy of financial expertise and wealth management
  • Focus on long-term investment growth
  • Variety of accounts to match personal needs
  • Branches primarily in the Southwest
  • Lower-than-average interest rates
  • Mixed reviews about in-person service

What’s interesting about SunTrust

SunTrust’s regional focus allows its advisers to better understand local market trends and make wealth management recommendations that help grow client savings. The bank is also committed to reducing customers’ financial stress with its onUp Movement, which offers advice and strategies to improve financial confidence.

As one of the country’s largest and longest-running regional banks, SunTrust is able to offer competitive interest rates compared to other brick-and-mortar banks and provide a wide variety of accounts to help clients find their best fit.

Things to consider

Lacking a physical presence outside the Southwest, SunTrust Bank struggles to compete online with web-based financial institutions. In addition, their in-branch customer service has mixed reviews across multiple websites. Finally, the bank is currently in the process of merging with BB&T to create a new banking brand, Truist, which may impact long-term operations.

Checking & savings accounts

SunTrust Bank offers three checking account types: Advantage Checking, Essential Checking, and Balanced Checking. Of these three, only the Advantage Checking account is the only one that earns interest on your balance. This interest rate is somewhat lower than comparable brick-and-mortar banks. SunTrust does offer an online questionnaire to help find the best fit for your checking account needs.

Advantage Checking: This account requires a $100 balance to open and offers varying amounts of “Loyalty Cash Bonus” when linked with a SunTrust credit card that adds cash back into your checking account. With more than $3,000 worth of qualifying monthly deposits or a linked SunTrust credit card, this account has no monthly fee.

  • Essential Checking: Again, a $100 balance is required to open this account. No interest is accrued, but with $500 worth of deposits or a $500 daily balance, there is no monthly fee. You also receive a “starter pack” of 10 free checks, and students enjoy no monthly maintenance fees for the first five years.
  • Balanced Checking: $100 lets you open this account, which is designed to limit overdraft spending and manage checking balances. With a combined daily balance of more than $3,000 across checking, savings, money market and CDs, this account has no fee and also includes a reduced item return fee.

SunTrust also offers two types of savings accounts: Essential Savings and Select Savings.

  • Essential Savings: This account requires no minimum balance and has no monthly maintenance fee. Deposits are insured to the FDIC legal limit, and the account comes with free identity theft protection. This account generates no interest and incurs a fee after six withdrawal or balance transfer transactions.
  • Select Savings: This account requires a $100 minimum balance and earns interest tied to tiers based on the amount of money in your account. Interest rates are somewhat below similar banks. You also receive a 1% “anniversary bonus” of up to $25 when linked with a qualified checking account.

Money market accounts


SunTrust’s money market accounts require a $100 minimum balance to open and use a tiered interest system. Interest earned is slightly lower than
comparable banks. This account does offer limited check-writing privileges and provides easy online access to account balances and transfer options.


SunTrust Bank offers two CDs: Personal and Advantage.

Personal CDs require a $2,000 minimum deposit and offer tiered interest, with terms ranging from seven days to 10 years to fit your needs. SunTrust also offers a 12-month special rate which is comparable to other banks. The remainder of its CD interest rates are slightly below average.

Advantage CDs include higher interest rates, one penalty-free withdrawal per term and the ability to increase the CD principal during your term to generate additional interest. Advantage CDs require monthly auto-transfers of at least $50 to maintain higher interest rate offers.

Credit cards

SunTrust offers three Mastercard options: Cash Rewards Credit Card, Travel Rewards Credit Card and Prime Rewards Credit Card.

  • Cash Rewards Credit Card: This card offers 5% cash back on gas and grocery purchases up to $6,000 in the first 12 months. It also includes 0.0% introductory APR for 15 months and offers interest rates that are lower than comparable cards. In addition, cardholders receive 2% unlimited cash back on grocery and gas purchases and % on all other purchases after the promotional period ends. This card has no annual fee.
  • Travel Rewards Credit Card: After spending $3,000 in qualifying purchases in the first three months after opening this account, cardholders receive $250 in statement credit. A promotional 0.0% APR is offered for 15 months and better-than-average interest rates are offered thereafter. Along with 1% cash back on qualifying purchases and 2% back on qualified dining purchases, cardholders receive 3% unlimited cash back on all eligible travel purchases. This card has no annual fee for the first year.
  • Prime Rewards Credit Card: This card offers $100 in statement credit after spending $500 on qualifying purchases in the first three months. Cardholders receive three years of prime rate interest followed by variable interest rates that are slightly lower than average. There is no monthly fee for this card and you receive 1% unlimited cash back on all qualifying purchases.

Personal loans

SunTrust’s lending arm, LightStream, offers unsecured personal loans for almost any need. Fertility treatments, home renovations and improvements, debt consolidation, and more are all covered under a LightStream unsecured loan. Customers can borrow from $5,000 to $100,000 from LightStream with reasonable interest rates and experience same-day funding. Furthermore, there’s a 0.50% rate discount when you sign up for automatic payments and if you’re not completely satisfied with your loan experience, LightStream will refund you $100.

Mortgage loans

SunTrust has created a proprietary mortgage mobile app, SmartGUIDE, to help customers find and fund the home of their dreams. With SunTrust’s mortgages, there’s no origination fee, but do expect lender’s fees, usually around 1 point. But 30- and 15-year fixed mortgages have interest rates below 4% as long as you have a decent credit score of 660 and above.

Mortgage refinancing

SunTrust offers mortgage refinancing products to customers and it says it saves people an average of $314 per month by doing so. There are no closing costs for SunTrust’s mortgage refinancing products, and it offers several different products and rates to choose from.

Suntrust Cd Rates 2019

Home equity loans & HELOCs

This bank offers home equity lines of credit with a special variable rate that’s currently calculated at prime minus 1.51% on initial advances of $25,000 or more at closing. That takes the current rate down to 3.24% for 12 months, which is a pretty sweet deal. If you’d rather have a fixed standard rate on your HELOC, SunTrust offers that option too, with rates that start at 4.50% APR. You can borrow as little as $10,000 or as much as $500,000 depending on your needs and the amount of equity in your home.

Car loans

Through LightStream, SunTrust also has auto financing products. Customers can expect a 0.50% interest rate discount with setting up automatic payments and another 0.10% if you show a better offer from another competitor. Interest rates are average, so LightStream makes up for it with excellent customer satisfaction and fast funding on loans.

The final word

SunTrust Bank offers regional expertise for clients looking to improve their investment strategies and reduce their stress around financial management. For customers who may prefer more robust online options or higher-than-average interest rates, SunTrust is likely not be the best fit. However, its lending arm, LightStream, offers great products for loans, especially for car loans and refinancing.