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If You Want to Earn Free Paytm Cash by Playing Amazing Games then Galo is the Best. ☄️ Hello, Friends, I am Avinash Gupta Owner Of 'Google Tricks' Youtube Channel Today I Will Explain about Top 5 Gaming Earning App In 2021 Play Simple Gam. Fantasy Sports: Fantasy games on the platform give you the chance to use your knowledge of a sport to build a powerful virtual team and win Paytm cash.Each action in a game earns the team a certain number of points. As a result, the higher a fantasy team’s score is, the higher is the chance of winning huge Paytm.

How to Earn Money from Paytm is the best technique for those who want to learn how to make money. Nowadays everyone wants to make money.

Just imagine how great it will be if money starts coming to you by doing some work in your home.

For your kind information, you will earn money by sitting at your home.

This new source of income is nonother than the internet where you can earn money with the help of Paytm

How to Earn Money from Paytm in 2021?

Yes, you heard it right. you can earn a handsome amount of money through the use of the internet.

but the only thing you need someone who will guide you in this regard.

So don’t worry. Queryexpress does exactly what you need. We will guide you throughout your journey to make money by sitting at your home.

We all have a beautiful and well-featured android phone in our hands. Where you have installed lots of applications according to our needs.

you also heard about an application that is PayTM.and some of you very much aware of this application, its use, its features.

if not then I am telling you that PayTM is generally used for transferring money or you can say online payment.

Apart from online money transfer, there are lots of other benefits of PayTM. We can earn money with the help of Pay TM. For this reason, nowadays Pay TM is a very popular application among the youth.

By the way, now we are going to know what PayTM exactly is? what are its features and of course how we make money through PayTM?

So Let’s start. Read this article till the end .what are the ways of making money from Pay TM, about which we learn today through the article. So, please try to go through this article to the end.

Register and earn PayTM cash


How to Earn Money from Paytm?

What is Paytm?

Paytm is India’s largest e-commerce payment system which offers transfer of money with zero is a financial technology company situated in Noida, India.

it was founded In 2010 by Vijay Shekhar Sharma who is the founder and CEO of this mobile payments platform.

By the way, in India PayTM N is a very popular platform to exchange money. It is mainly used for the transaction of payment and banking work also.

If you want to do online earning with PayTM, then there are many ways available on PayTM. Apart from money transfer it also helps you to earn money through its other features.

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The main ways to make money from PayTM

  1. To use PayTM cashback
  2. Sell your products
  3. Do Affiliate Marketing
  4. Sell products from PayTM,
  5. Earn money by using its Promo code.
  6. Paytm bank

Features of Paytm

How to Earn Money from Paytm?

Paytm is a trustworthy company, and also it has lots of features which the users like to use PayTM a lot

  1. Paytm allows you to exchange money without any risk.
  2. With the help of PayTM, you can easily link your bank account so that you can directly transfer your money to anyone.
  3. Paytm has launched its shopping mall named PayTM Mall for its user. Hence, every PayTM user can shop for their favorite item from PayTM Mall.
  4. Paytm also offers you to do affiliate marketing and cashback to earn money by sitting at your home.
  5. It gives a chance to earn money along with playing the game in PayTM

How to create your Paytm account?

Learn How to Earn Money from Paytm?

Paytm First Games Earn Money

Please follow the steps mentioned below to create your Paytm account

Steps to create a Paytm account via the web:

  1. First, you have to open your browser and then type com
  2. On the home page Click on ‘Login/Sign Up’ on the top-right corner of the page
  3. If you are a new user then you have to Click on the ‘Sign Up button.
  4. Now Enter your mobile number, email address and choose your password
  5. Then click on ‘Create your Paytm Wallet’
  6. Now you will get an OTP over your registered phone number. Enter the OTP
  7. Then type your First Name, Last Name and click on ‘Create your Paytm Wallet’
  8. Hurray! Your account will be created

Click here to create your account

Steps to create Paytm account through App:

  1. First, open Google plays store on your mobile and install your Paytm app.
  2. Now click on the Profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on ‘Create a New Account’
  4. Then Enter your mobile number, email address, and choose your password.
  5. After furnishing all information, then click on ‘Create a New Account’.
  6. An OTP will send to your registered mobile number.
  7. Then you enter the OTP and click on the ‘Submit ‘button.
  8. After that enter your first name, last name, and Date of Birth.
  9. Click on ‘Create Account’

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How to earn money by Paytm.

1. Paytm Payments Bank (How to make money with Paytm)

Paytm payment bank is a bank where you do your transaction online with zero charges.

to open an account you don’t need to pay anything and you don’t maintain a minimum balance too.

with the opening of an account, you will get a free virtual debit card through which you can make your all transaction online.

By the way, It also gives an annual interest of 4% for all our savings. for your information, our money will be safe because they invest our savings only in government bonds.

Paytm payments bank is now moving towards becoming the most trusted and user-friendly bank.

Click here to go to Paytm payments bank

2. Paytm Cashback (making money with Paytm)

As you know, We pay our monthly bill as soon as the month starts. We pay our electricity bill, water bill, dish TV bill, recharge our mobiles and much more by paying cash.

Just imagine if we could get some money back by paying these monthly bills then it would have been so nice. Am I right? Yes, you all also want that.

Pay TM does exactly what you think. It gives cashback for each transaction. Therefore Pay TM is that platform where we can earn some money through cashback.

Earn money through Paytm is mainly depends upon cashback. This is why Paytm has become so popular.

With the help of this application, we can get cash back for any transaction we made.

If you have done any transaction with the help of this application, then you are cashed back from this application. You can also get cashback from mobile recharge, online shopping, payment of bills, etc.

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3.By selling your Product (How to Earn Money from Paytm)

Everybody wants to make money online and Paytm is one of them. You can earn money by selling your goods through Paytm.

If you are doing any manufacturing work and if you have your retail shop, then you can sell your goods through Paytm.

Believe it, if you sell your goods in Paytm, then thousands of people will be able to see your product and can buy it if needed.

In the same way, you can deliver your goods to the whole world from home. in this way, you can build your brand with the help of Paytm.

4.Paytm mall ( By selling products of PayTM)

Right now the question may be coming to your mind that I don’t have any manufacturing company to make any goods and I do not even have a retail shop.

Then how should I earn money through PayTM? Make money by selling what. This query must be coming into everyone’s mind that how should a straight forward jobster like us earn money online.

That’s why PayTM is waiting to do this job for you. Neither you have any product to sell nor have your retail shop. But still, you can earn money as a reseller.

Yes, Paytm allows you to work as a reseller. If you want to do this then you have to choose any one of the Paytm products and selling it through social media like Facebook, youtube, Instagram, etc.

you can also increase the price of the product and earn a profit.

5. From Affiliate Marketing (How to Earn Money from Paytm)

In affiliate marketing where you promote and sell other company’s or people’s products, by creating affiliate links and share it on social media.

if people buy this product through your link then you will get its commission. The rate of commission is set by the company for different prices for different categories of products.

The Amazon affiliate program is one of the most trusted and profitable affiliate platforms nowadays. There are so many companies are there that also pays you some commission to sell their product through an affiliate link.

Nowadays Affiliate marketing is more prevalent. That is why PayTM has also promoted this platform by starting Affiliate Marketing.

How To Play Games And Earn Paytm Cash

now you can sell your affiliate product by generating affiliate links and share it on your social media. As you know social media plays a vital role in increase the popularity of affiliate marketing.

Therefore it’s time for you to sell your Paytm product from your affiliate account by linking that product to your social media sites. If someone buys your product then you will get its commission

Paytm Games Earn MoneyPaytm money earning appPaytm earn money games apk

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6.By Promo Code (How to Earn Money from Paytm)

Till now you must have known that we have income from Paytm through cashback. But on some special occasions like festivals or Paytm event, Paytm launches its coupon code.

If you use this promo code to pay your monthly bill like, mobile recharge, pay the electricity bill, pay a water bill, or doing online shopping then you will get profit by receiving cashback in your Paytm wallet.

in this way by using promo code you can earn a lot through Paytm promo code.

7. by playing games (How to Earn Money from Paytm)

You can transfer your money or selling your product through Paytm. Here Paytm also gives another feature to earn money by playing games on Paytm.

yes, it’s true. Now you can also earn money by playing games on Paytm. In this feature, you are given to play a simple game. You get paid for winning the game. its soc simple. isn’t it?


Here I concluded my article How to Earn Money from Paytm. I have tried a lot to give all the information regarding how to make money from Paytm.

here I also explained to you about its features and most importantly how to create your Paytm account via web and in App. I hope you all will like my post.

If you like this article then please share it on your social media sites so that others also will take advantage of this.

I have covered everything here. If you want to know more then please comment on me so that I will put it all in my next article.

You must follow the article of others on the internet so that your all queries can be cleared. Thank you. And see you soon.

Questions and Answer Section by QueryExpress

Here I am going to explain some common queries asked by the people

1. What is a Paytm wallet?

Paytm Wallet is a digital payment platform. This service helps people to transfer their money from their bank account.

to avail, these features you have to create an account with the help of your email id or your mobile phone number.

once you create your account then you will transfer your money to your wallet and use this money for making your bill payment, online shopping, etc

2. Paytm wallet limit

The limit of your Paytm wallet is 10,000/month set by the Reserve bank of India. But you can exceed this limit up to 1lakh/month by submitting your KYC and satisfy other formalities of 10,000

3. What is Paytm mall?

Paytm mall is nothing but an e-commerce site where you can buy your product online. It is just like another e-commerce site in India like, Flipkart, Snap deal, and many more.

Paytm mall is dealing with electronic gadgets, men’s fashion, women’s clothing, home and kitchen essentials, etc.

Click here to visit Paytm mall

Paytm mall customer care

The customer care number of Paytm mall is 0120-4606060.

Transfer Money Paytm To Bank

Paytm payments bank Customercare

Customercare number of Paytm payments bank is 0120-4456-456

3🌐 How to earn money

Hi guys on this auspicious day we are going to discuss with you with another interesting application which is used for earning paytm cash and Bank money by playing just easy games, fantasy tournament and rummy. Today we will talk in detail about Paytm First Games app we will discuss in detail about three topics and how to earn money and how to install the application and how to withdraw your money easily in your bank account and paytm. So let’s start the journey with knowing about the application itself in brief.

Paytm Games Earn Money

Paytm first games application is also known as Gamepind. This app provides various types of games which a user can play easily to earn unlimited Paytm cash.this app is sponsored by Paytm itself which means it is a very big company and very trusted and very secure app. There are 4.5 Crore players registered in this app which means it is a great and fantastic app. you can play fantasy in this app which is the key feature of this app and win lakhs and lakhs of money. So without wasting time let’s move on to next topic.

Downloading of this app is very simple open any browser let it be Google chrome now search , now download the app successfullly and install it. Now register with your paytm number, you just for an OTP then you will enter the app.

you can earn money by three ways in this app and the list of the waves are given below we have discussed in detail how the app works and how you can play games and win money or play tournament battles. Everything is discussed in detail.

Paytm Games Earn Money Games

🛑 Play fantasy Cricket

Paytm Games Earn Money Instantly

Fantasy cricket is very simple like playing dream 11. Very can create your cricket and football playing 11 teams and play tournaments and head to head battles. If you win your money is transferred in your winning wallet from there you can withdraw instantly. You can play various matches and IPL is also coming you can play IPL matches by making your team and joining the tournaments.

🛑 Lounge

Lounge means playing different types of games in paytm first app.there are more than 30 games in paytm first app which you can play there are a very interesting games and also so you can play them anytime multiplayer battles and tournaments to win unlimited paytm cash. Name of all the games are given below.

Rummy, fantasy,chess, pool,ludo,teen patti,jackpot and many types of quiz.

🛑 Rummy

Rummy game in paytm first is very special you can play rummy game and when thousands of money if you don’t know how to play you can watch the video and easily win money by playing rummy in paytm first games.

Drawing on money is very simple minimum withdraw is 20 rupees directly in your bank and paytm wallet. you just go to wallet section then click on withdraw verify your details like PAN card then you can withdraw instantly in your paytm wallet.

At last we would like to conclude by saying that it is a very big company and also so it sponsor is paytm which means it is very trusted and have many live users over 4.5 crore players have registered in this app. It is a very old app and have lots of various and varieties of games thus you can play different games. You can also play with your family and friends for timepass and and also you can only lots of money from this app.withdrawal system and deposit system is also very simple and instant withdrawal rules are provided. We hope you have understood everything about this app and we could give full information of this app so now we conclude by this meet you in next post.