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One of the best money-making apps out there, Swagbucks offers a $10 bonus for new users. Swagbucks allows users to earn money by searching the web, watching videos, taking paid surveys, playing games, or shopping online.

  • Micro-Investment Apps. Another way to make money with apps is to use micro-investment apps. Essentially, they automatically choose stocks and bonds for you and then invest your money. What’s great about these apps is that, unlike with traditional investments, you don’t have to invest a lot. Instead, you can invest as little as $1 if you.
  • The third one for Best Apps to Earn Money without Investment is Tap Tap Money. Earn real money by completing simple tasks inside the app. Easily make free money by watching videos, trying free apps, completing paid surveys, giving opinions, testing services, endorsements, free trials. Anyone can now easily earn money online.
  • Very popular app in India which has a total of 10 million installs yet it means that 10 million users from India use this app to earn money online by playing games without investment. Download RozDhan App.

If you’re wondering how to earn money in GCash, you’re not alone!

Millions of pinoys have also wondered the same thing.

In the digital age, companies are now focusing on bringing their business online. Even local restaurants are now paying Facebook to run their advertisements.

For ordinary Filipinos like us, this is a golden opportunity to make money online! Even if you’re working full-time at a corporate job or running a business, it doesn’t hurt to earn money on the side.

Apps that can make you extra money are a blessing because these can supplement our needs.

That’s why in this article, I’ll list down the top ways on how to earn money on GCash!

Stick around till the end because there are also other apps out there aside from GCash in which you can earn as well!

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How to Earn Money in GCash and Other Apps!

Most of the apps I listed here require little to no time and effort at all to make you money. I’ll teach you the simple ways on how to earn money on GCash and other apps! Let’s begin!


Way #1

If you didn’t know already, GCash is one of the best apps to save and make money. I’ve personally made P1,250 from GCash just be referring my 25 of my friends and family to the app.

The best thing about this is that you can earn P1,250 every month just doing this!

Register here so you and I can instantly get P50!

But if you’ve run out of friends and family you can refer to, I’ll tell you a little secret trick.

Way #2

If you’re wondering how to earn money in GCash even more, just buy some TM sims!

They can go for as low as P10 sometimes and you can then use your referral code to earn money.

Just remember that you can only earn a maximum of P1,250 every month by referring!

Way #3

Another way you can earn with GCash is by buying and selling load.

Whether you’re a student who wants to make extra income or a working man/woman, this will put extra cash on your pocket. Whenever you buy load through GCash, you get 5% cash back.

For instance you buy a P20 load, you’ll only be spending P18. When you buy in sari-sari stores, you’re actually paying 4 pesos more.

Way #4

Did you know that you only earn an average of around 1% interest per year on your savings account?

But with GSave, you’ll earn an interest of 4.00% per year!

Imagine, if you put P20,000 in your GSave wallet, you’ll earn P826 interest in 1 year!

To open a GSave account, just open your GCash app > Save Money > Create account!

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Way #5

If you’re still wondering if there are more ways on how to earn money in GCash, I’ve got your back.

Did you know that you can invest in the peso money market fund right in your GCash app?

You can earn up to 3% in interest gains every year by investing your money here.

Just go to your GCash app > Invest Money > Create account!

Money earning games app without investment online

For more info regarding GCash Invest, read this:

Ultimate GCash Invest Money Review (As low as P50!)


RCBC’s Diskartech is the newest addition to the e-wallet apps in the Philippines. It has similar features to GCash and Paymaya but it has some unique ones.

But the first way to earn here is by saving money! The app allows you to earn 3.25% per annum. This is significantly higher than what banks offer.

Aside from that, you can earn up to P30,000 monthly just by reffering Diskartech to your friends and family!
Just download the Diskartech app here. Then, input my invite code so you and I can instantly earn money! Here’s my invite code: AASN5516

For more on this, read this – Diskartech: 8 Appealing Reasons to Download This App


Ever since online shopping became popular, it became easier to spend our hard-earned money.

But did you know that you can earn a portion of your money back when you buy online?

ShopBack let’s you get a percentage of any money you spend online through their platform.

Just download the app, create an account and buy as you do. Make sure ShopBack is able to track your online purchases so you can earn money!

Although it’s not much, it’s better than nothing right? What are you waiting for? Join over 5 million members now and get your P100 free!

Read more here: Shopback Review: How to Shop and Earn Thousands!


LYKA is a social media and an e-commerce platform rolled into one. The best way to describe it is that it allows users to earn rewards just by posting and engaging with other posts!

Here, you can send and receive LYKA gems that you can convert to real money. 1 LYKA gem is equal to P1.00.

Check out this guide if you want to learn more about it: What is LYKA App? How to Earn Real Money is a competitor of Gcash and Paymaya. You can pay bills, buy load, and send money to anyone using like other financial services app.

The only thing that stands out in here is that you can directly exchange your money into Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple.

The way you can make money here aside from the rebates on buying and selling load is through buying and selling Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

For those unfamiliar with Bitcoin, it’s the pioneer in Cryptocurrency. Similar to stocks, its value goes up and down every now and then.

You can buy at a low price then sell it at a high price later on to earn profits.

Like GCash, you can also earn P100 instantly when you sign up and refer friends using this link 🙂

To know more about this awesome app, read this: Review 2020 (Plus 3 Ways to Earn Money!)


If GCash is from Globe, Paymaya was created by Smart Communications.

In terms of services, almost all the things you can do at the two financial service app above, you can also do in Paymaya.

As a freelancer, I use all these apps to my advantage. Even if you’re a student or a working employee, these apps can make you extra money if you know how to use them.

The good news is that even if you just invite one hundred people to register to these apps, you can instantly earn P5,000! Just like that without even doing any hard work, you made money.

Register here now to get your P50! (My Invite Code is: 285wit3) Share it to your friends as well so you and them can earn extra money. 🙂


Are you that someone who always keeps the receipts from the grocery or the department stores?

Even if you’re not, you will be thanks to Snapcart.

This amazing app lets you earn money just from taking pictures of your receipts from any store.

The great thing here is you can use any receipt even if you did not buy those.

The higher the amount of money paid in the receipt, the higher the money you can earn back.

Download Snapcart here!


Who said that you walking is a waste of time?

With Sweatcoin, you’ll earn money and be healthy at the same time! That’s the idea behind this revolutionary app that was created in 2016.

Just by walking outside, the app tracks your steps and converts it into virtual coins.

You can then use your coins to buy Iphones, TVs, convert it to cash or get discounts at your favorite stores.

Share this with your friends and family so they can also earn extra money and be healthy at the same time!


Kumu is a popular livestream platform that gives Filipinos a platform they can easily use.

In here, you can earn money in a lot of different ways such as livestreaming, participating in live game shows, and joining in other promotions in the app.

A lot of our fellow Pinoys are already enjoying this app so much as they give you extra money even at home.

It’s the next best alternative if you’ve always wanted to have a YouTube channel but don’t know how.

Final Thoughts

That’s it! I hope I satisfied your question on how to earn money in GCash!

I also hope that the other apps can have been able to help you too.

There are a lot of ways to make money online if you only know how to look.

Although they may not make you rich, these apps are perfect for you if you want to earn extra money. They are easy to do, requires little effort and best of all, makes better use of your time! 🙂

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Hello… When I started to blog, I have one question in my mind that “Are there any Apps to Earn Money without Investment for android and I got it!! So, find your source of passive income here…

So you may be excited to hear about 🤑Best Apps to Earn Money without Investment?🤑 Sounds great, doesn’t it? Oh, yes, there are some Android apps without investment to earn money, get ready to earn money online with minimum tasks completed.

Remember, this is not going to make you wealthy overnight, but you will get money for daily needs at least. So it’s better to earn something than nothing from just an android smartphone and internet pack.

Here we have cultivated the best apps to earn money through android so kindly read the entire article! and let us know in the comment section how was it!

Why choose Best Apps to Earn Money without Investment?

So, let’s pick up an interesting question i.e why choose the best app?… To put it simply, Due to reasons like security, privacy, storage, authority, and data safety.

Thus it becomes mandatory to go through the list of available options and make your choice wisely BUT people don’t have much time for these kinds of research because of the busy schedule they have and hence they prefer to get them here. Click here to know best cam scanner alternatives

In the present-day scenario, cybersecurity is a major challenge to humanity and thus it becomes very crucial to decide what to install and what to not! and also if we have ignored the above challenges, fraud is also a prevailing issue in the play store. That’s why choose wisely!

Now, also if we have encountered the above issues the very issue we are left to deal with is fake tasks given to promote a business … like you must have gone through those messages to share their website and download some apps as tasks and later on what you left getting is a disappointment.

Don’t worry! there exist apps that pay you a certain amount by selling your products!

Enough wait for this! Let’s unlock this amazing adventurous journey…

Most of the time, we pay for premium apps in the play store and sometimes in-app purchases. But using the same play store you can earn cash by doing tasks like watching tv, exercising, downloading apps, or sometimes taking photos.

Check out our list of best ways to make money with Android phones that you didn’t know. Try out the apps you feel will be suitable for you and start earning.

▌Google Opinion Rewards

So we have first one in Best Apps to Earn Money without Investment is Google Opinion that can pay you up to $1 per survey that you simply can earn on Google Play Store credit to get paid apps, books or download your favorite movie(Just this!) .


Google surveys are pretty frequent and typically easy for you to reply to. Again if you wish to try to surveys and buy stuff on the Play Store then this app is ideal for you to put in. And most importantly, the brand we are talking of is not anyone, its GOOGLE!

In this app simply, answer quick surveys and earn Google Play credit with Google Opinion Rewards, an app created by the Google Surveys team.

Here, getting started is very easy. Download the app and answer basic questions about yourself (that u probably know!). Then they send you surveys around once a week, although it may be more or less frequent.

Also, get a notification on your phone every time when a short and relevant survey is ready for you and can receive up to £0.60 in Play credit for completing it. Questions can range from, “Which logo is best?” and “Which promotion is most compelling?” to “When do you plan on traveling next?”.

▌cashKarma Rewards & Gift Cards

So, here comes our second Best Apps to Earn Money without Investment. Get your gift cards with cashKarma!

Earn Karma Points by completing surveys, trying new products, and buying deals. Redeem your points for top branded gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, Target, Google Play, iTunes, Starbucks, etc.

There are also Location-based rewards that also allow you to earn rewards once you drive near a participating retailer like Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Lowes, etc. Simply open up your notification to look at the deal and earn rewards.

CashKarma, an app that pays your cash and gift cards. it’s been around now for an extended time so certainly, it’s an excellent option if you would like to form some extra income using your mobile device just like everyone who already are working with this concept!

Some notable features

  • Don’t think of it as fake, CashKarma is a reputable app that pays you to finish surveys, download apps, and to observe videos.
  • Also, earn extra bonuses by unlocking achievement badges and leveling up.
  • There are many bonuses that you simply get rewarded for including reaching milestones for daily check-ins, videos watches, and friends referred.

▌Tap Tap Money – Free Money Apps

The third one for Best Apps to Earn Money without Investment is Tap Tap Money . Earn real money by completing simple tasks inside the app.

Easily make free money by watching videos, trying free apps, completing paid surveys, giving opinions, testing services, endorsements, free trials. Anyone can now easily earn money online.

Get free redeem codes for gift cards from many various websites like Playstore, Amazon, and lots of virtual currency cards like Xbox live and riots points cards.

  • you can download free apps to earn money from a collection of many apps that pay real cash rewards.
  • Complete as many tasks as in the “Hot Offers” tab. The tasks vary and maybe like watching videos, sharing, completing surveys, and lots more.
  • Once your Credits balance is enough to cash-out you’ll do so at the “Payouts” tab by requesting a pay-out to be sent to your Paypal account.
  • Payouts hardly take around 24 hours and paid on to your account. They notify you once the payout is completed then Just enjoy your money!.
  • Fast payments in Paypal, mobile recharge, or gift cards.

▌Earn Cash & Money Rewards – CURRENT Music Screen

So, coming to 4th in our Apps to Earn Money without Investment, we have Earn Cash & Money Rewards – CURRENT Music Screen with us!

We all listen to music but what if ill tell you that you can make money by listening to your favourite music! , for me it was shocking! so, without further intro lets get started…

Are you trying to find an ideal side cash app? Want to earn extra cash rewards? a replacement thanks to making side cash on your phone… the present app is that the top cash rewards app to earn money with! Yes, Real Cash! Get paid to concentrate on music from a variety of 100,000+ radio stations with the world’s top songs! Here are all the ways you’ll make money on your phone daily with the free Current music app.


  • Get cash by just taking note of free music!
  • Give Real opinions through surveys!
  • Try free apps, games and watch short videos
  • Invite friends for more money
  • Rewarded cash money for enjoying music
  • Get cash for shopping and saving money on your bills
  • Don’t pay a subscription fee. Just Earning!


Money earning games app without investment online
  • the primary media platform that rewards you in cash for real. Current Cash Rewards is a subscription-free, lightning-fast music lock screen that gives users a seamless music streaming experience with built-in reward opportunities to take advantage of your daily habits.
  • Earn cash rewards taking note of music while understanding.
  • Earn and take advantage of rewards by taking note of free offline music & radio player while driving.
  • Make Money by taking note of free music while preparing or at a celebration.
  • Earn rewards taking note of music while at work
  • earn additional rewards by completing surveys
  • inviting friends
  • daily shopping habits
  • sharing your real opinion

Can get earn through PayPal gift cards, Uber gift cards, Google Play gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Adidas gift cards, Walmart gift cards, Target gift cards, Paypal & more! Click here to know about best home workout apps


  • Don’t Pay Money, Get Paid money from music trending lists
  • streaming unlimited music stations worldwide in real-time
  • Make money from music genres lists i.e: Cash for Music Listening
  • Earn money for offline music streaming recorded from Radio
  • load on rewards And Free “OFF-AIR” listening Just Record! ~WiFI required to Earn~
  • Create extra money for inviting friends

WARNING FOR YOU: account going to be banned if you

  • employ a VPN
  • multiple IDs for one device
  • VOIP phone numbers
  • online emulators
  • gain fraudulent access to Current

So, get Paid to Play Your Favorite Music! For Free!

▌Make Money – Free Cash App

Here comes another app that makes money for you!

Just like many apps, earn real money by completing simple tasks inside the app. Easily make free money by watching videos, trying free apps, completing surveys, giving opinions, testing services, endorsements, free trials,… with fast payments in Paypal.

You can earn cash anytime and from anywhere, there are not any complicated missions to go to places or wander around, and better of all it’s a simple, quick, and fun thanks to making easy money! Make money is one of the Best Apps to Earn Money without Investment!

What you have to do!

  • Complete tasks to accumulate credit rewards.
  • tasks like watching videos, downloading free apps, completing surveys
  • Redeem your credit rewards for cash via PayPal.
  • And, simply enjoy YOUR MONEY!

Ways to earn cash

  • Make money by watching videos
  • Earn free cash when testing fun new apps
  • Gain money completing surveys
  • Test services and obtain paid

▌Gifty – Free Gift Cards – Daily Draws

Gifty gives you the chance to participate in daily draws/raffles to win free gift cards.

So why Gifty? Because its very simple game from which you can make tons of money… you just have to redeem these coins/coupons for participation for the Daily Draw.


  • Play cards game and earn coins
  • Watch ads to play more
  • More times you play the more chances to win a draw
  • No in-app purchase
  • Very easy to earn

So, how you can buy these cards?

First of all, Redeem your coins to draw participation. Then they send a hard and fast amount of gift cards per day by drawing. If you win you will get receive the specified gift card.

Some important points

  1. Multiple accounts not allowed
  2. VPNs and proxies not!
  3. Cheaters won’t receive any gift cards

▌PanelPlace – Opportunities to Earn, Learn and More

PanelPlace app, a marketplace for people like you and me to seek out and find out opportunities offered by various digital products and services. And here, Surveys come from major sample committees like Toluna and Global Test Industry.

Access to rewarding opportunities from leading brands. This app covers multiple product categories like

  • marketing research (paid surveys)
  • investment
  • education
  • travel

Hundreds of thousands of PanelPlace downloaders get benefited from various opportunities in the marketplace.

  • Simply download and access to rewarding opportunities offered by a big variety of digital products and services.
  • Receive notifications on mobile devices, So that you can never miss out on any new opportunity waiting for you.

PanelPlace serves its community members from over 40 countries and with over a hundred companies partnering with them in this concept. So this platform act as a bridge between users and businesses, and beneficial products or services can always be delivered to the masses in a simple, and trustworthy manner. Click here to know best train simulator games

Soon you may get to see it on top! As developers are working to resolve each and every issue faced by its customer base.

▌appKarma Rewards & Gift Cards

Karma Play lets you earn daily rewards for playing with the apps you’ve installed. Install the app, keep the app, and play with the app each day to earn daily rewards. appKarma lets you earn free cash and gift cards for playing with apps.

And most importantly, like other apps in this domain, You don’t need to sign up to try our app. Download appKarma and start earning rewards right away.

A broad sort of everyday bonuses available with App Karma. App Karma uses a network of points that can collect and trade for bonuses. The software is globally focused so you do not get to be from the US.

Some of the explanations this software so highly regarded is that anytime your cash out, you get 5 percent of your points back.

There is a wide selection of rewards to choose from including

  • PayPal cash
  • Amazon gift vouchers
  • Facebook vouchers
  • Google Play gift cards
  • credit for Steam.

Some Notable features

  • Many reward opportunities and highest paying offers.
  • Get 5% of your points back every time you redeem a card so, always have points in account.
  • Gift cards worldwide and not just in the US.
  • Create your referrer code for invite rewards

Ways to earn money in APPKARMA

  • Basic Rewards Install and play with apps to earn rewards
  • Karma PlaysEarn Karma Plays and you can get daily rewards for playing with apps you’ve downloaded.
  • Karma QuizzesEarn rewards when you answer Karma Quizzes correctly.
  • Daily Check-in Earn daily rewards for checking-in to appKarma
  • Achievement Badges Earn bonuses for your achievements
  • Invite Rewards – Invite your friends, and get 30% of what they earn from app install offers.

If you have more than 1000 subscribers to your channel, you can become a VIP and receive more invite rewards and a special referrer code. Contact here for details ([email protected])


Are you trying to find a touch pocket money or a touch of savings? well, Gigwalk can help!

Gigwalk is changing the longer term of work: earn money when and where you would like to, starting today!

To become a Gigwalker, simply download the app and find a gig near you.

Start Earning Money Online Today


Money Earning Games App Without Investment
  • Leading companies are trying to find your help once a gig is finished and approved the cash is shipped on to your Paypal account.
  • Everything’s done through the Gigwalk app.
  • No timesheets to fill out.
  • No emails to send.
  • Gigwalk is currently available within the US, Canada, and therefore the UK.

▌Cash Pirate

The CashPirate App revolves around playing games vs. computers and games winning. Also, enjoy playing quizzes and answering the questions correctly.


  • available for free of charge access.
  • basic games integrated into the device.
  • Also, recently introduced an additional Pirate Score Game Play feature to the app that permits users to compete against computers and win the Pirate Game with their machines
  • out there and funs free of charge
  • doesn’t belong to another party or culture, or another corporation
  • no other links on the play store or another website for the other user
  • simplest paying apps out there at the instant
  • do pay you quickly which may be a huge benefit.

CashPirate features a coin system where you’ll accumulate points and exchange them for PayPal cash or Bitcoin.

Ways to earn money in Cash Pirate

  • Download free apps and games
  • Earning 10% off all of your referrals’ coins and 5% of coins generated by referrals Answering
  • Giving your opinion for normal surveys watching short videos trying free product trials via SponsorPay, TrialPay, and market.
  • 1000 coins are adequate to $1 so you’ll live once you receive 2500 coins or $2.50.

Here is our CashPirate Review

How To Earn Money By Playing Games Without Investment

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Earning Money Online For Teens

So, that’s it! now you are provided with the list of the very Top 10 Best Apps to Earn Money without Investment. So, download for free of charge. I highly recommend downloading the above apps and begin making money today! sorry! NOW!