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I’ve had several hits lately on my blog with search strings like ‘Magknits patterns’ or ‘Magknits shutting down’, as well as more comments asking about how to find [X Magknits pattern], so I thought I would post this all in one go. I don’t know how many people read information left in comments. Here are some suggestions for recovering patterns previously published at Magknits (Any further suggestions please feel free to comment):

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1. Check Ravelry. Many patterns have already been uploaded there as free downloads. If you’re on Ravelry you’ve likely already discovered this. I know that not all knitters are members of Ravelry and the site is not public yet, but I humbly suggest that this Magknits situation is one example of the kind of situation which makes Ravelry an invaluable resource. If you’re not on it yet but want to add your name on the waiting list the wait times are definitely much shorter than they were previously.

2. Check with the designer. Many designers have blogs and it is likely they have posted a copy on their blog (if it is still going to be available for free) as I have done here. Some designers may decide to re-post their patterns for sale.

3. Check the internet. Abbie (thank you!) left these instructions on how to do a Googlecache search:

type “Magknits + [pattern name]” into Google, and then click on the link for “Cache” in the little google blurb. Pictures are not a guarantee, but if the pattern is cached, then the text will all be there. Print it to pdf or copy it to a word doc (or the word processor of choice) and bob’s yer uncle.

If you google “Magknits + Archive” you’ll get the list of all the patterns, although I’m not sure how recent it is — but that might help people who just can’t remember what something’s called.

NB: The two most recent issues don’t seem to have cached, so one would have to check in with the designers themselves. And, as with anything on the internet, Googlecache isn’t permanent, so best to copy this all sooner rather than later.

4. Check with knitters for hard copies. Don’t underestimate local knitting people. At least 2 people around me had copies of my own ‘Basic Black’ pattern I could have used in an emergency, so it’s likely someone in your area has a little mini Magknits treasure trove going.

That’s in from me for the moment – but more tomorrow, likely. I went to the Toronto Knitter’s Frolic (::sheepish:: ) and also did some good hanging out with my knitters. Steph has photos from our wee knitting night wherein very little knitting actually got done. I dig her self-photography skills. Also she has the only current pic of my finished ‘Glowing’ pullover…I gotta get on the photos with that one.

Have a good weekend my knitting friends!

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