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Get paid to play games online

The fourth-best get paid to play games site is Swagbucks. There are a lot of sites like Swagbucks but nothing can beat the king of reward sites. Here you can earn a special currency called Swagbucks for playing paid games, completing offers, answering surveys and logging online activity. Another great way to get paid to play games is to become a game tester. Game testers are hired to play games, and “test” them. Usually, a game tester will need to provide feedback on and check for things, like the overall quality of the game and any bugs and glitches in the game. Cashcrate is an amazing website that pays you to play games for free. You can create a Cashcrate account with a valid email ID or login directly through the Facebook link provided on their home page. Cashcrate also awards points for playing free games. They can be redeemed for cash and shopping vouchers. CashOut is on the top charts as players love playing the amazing game. This is one of the best games that pay real money through PayPal. CashOut helps individuals play mobile games, daily check-ins, referrals, completing offers, taking surveys, watching videos and a lot more.

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Make Money Play Games Free

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    Play games earn Prizes & Cash! If you like to play games on the Web in your spare time, you may as well get paid for having fun!

    You may be wondering why these companies pay to play games. First, the companies put ads on their web pages and get money from their advertisers. Then they give a part of their advertising profits back to their visitors in the form of prizes and cash. So you get paid. Second, there are lots of market research companies companies need your advice on the games they are developing. And they’re willing to pay dollars for your time to test their games.

    It doesn't take more than 15-20 minutes/day and it's more fun to play free games get paid than to click links and wait for e-mails that ever arrive, right? Although they are free, you can earn quite a lot of money if you are skilled and have good luck. Remember most of the games require install the latest versions of you browser, as well as Java and Flash.

    But you should know that a number of paid-to-play companies listed here located in US so they only pay to US members. You can see a International list (some allow English speaking countries only) below.

    P.S. Ninety-five percent of the people who read this will never give it a try. You may be the exception. If you are,you will see dramatic results. Before you know it, you’ll be at a whole new level.

    Remember, every dollar you earn today is more valuable than a dollar you earn tomorrow. If you make just one dollar online, you’re already ahead of a lot of people that are trying to make anything.

    For International Members

    Paid to Test Games

    There are lots of market research companies companies need your advice on the video games they are developing. And they’re willing to pay dollars for your time to test their games.

    Some jobs even let you keep the games when you are done.

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    Derby Jackpot - Horse Race Betting

    Bet and watch live races, and win real cash, with Derby Jackpot! Play games based on live US horse races - pick the horse by name, color or odds.DerbyJackpot is licensed through the State of Oregon. The odds are the exactly same as they would be at the track.

    Open to US residents

    For UK members


    Super Free Slot Games

    Would you like to play free slots, with the chance to win fantastic prizes and huge jackpots? Claim your £50 slot money here at Super Free Slot Games!

    Open to UK residents

    King Jackpot features the best of both casino and bingo worlds with cool 3D graphics, a growing pool of games and massive jackpots to be won. New players get £20 free, as well as a competitive 100% match bonus on their first 3 deposits.

    Open to UK residents

    Do you enjoy playing games? Bingo, slots, keno, roulette, chat games and more! Participants who take part in this offer will complete a free sign up and be granted access to play with a bonus £20 on the house with no deposit or credit card required!

    Open to UK residents

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