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  1. Dts Deposit Tracking System
  2. Dts Cash Deposit
  3. Dts Deposit Tracking

The Deposit module captures real-time deposit data from all locations, armored carriers and banks; enhancing process efficiency while improving visibility and transparency.

  • Direct Deposit Bank Account Changes Follow these steps to avoid missing or incorrect payments! If you’ve switched bank accounts and need to have your pay deposited to your new account, you can make the change online or by mail. Either way, please follow these two tips to avoid disruptions in pay.
  • DTS means Deposit Tracking System This acronym/slang usually belongs to Technology, IT etc.
  • DTS Connex links you to over a dozen of the nation’s leading banks adding efficiency and transparency to your cash management activities. Here are a few: Fifth Third Bank understands that cash is critical and that handling, managing, and reconciling cash can present.

Dts Deposit Tracking System

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Dts Deposit

Dts Cash Deposit

Dts Deposit

What is the DTS Connex Deposits module?

  • A web-based depositing module that makes it simple to create, track, manage and analyze deposit activities at all of your locations
  • Tracks deposits from creation through bank verification to provide real-time visibility and insights into every stage of the deposit lifecycle
  • Integrates and captures data from all major banks, armored carriers, smart-safes, POS systems and cash counting devices
  • Provides dynamic reports on all deposit-related exceptions, including POS over and shorts, adjustments, missing deposits, float issues and much more

Dts Deposit Tracking

Dts deposit customer service

How does DTS Connex Deposits work?

  • Headquarters establishes rules; deposit types, deposit entry methods and other key requirements
  • Users create deposits using manual entry or integration with other cash room tools
  • System communicates deposit information to banking partners
  • Deposits transported to bank partners
  • Banks receive, credit and verify deposits
  • DTS Connex captures and records all steps in the chain of custody

Why DTS Connex Deposits?

  • Standardizes and streamlines your deposit process at all locations
  • Provides access to deposit information from all locations, banks and armored carriers in one web-based portal
  • Leverages unique transaction numbers to simplify reconciliation process
  • Reduces deposit adjustments and “over and shorts” 30-40% through increased visibility and oversight
  • Facilitates provisional credit with your bank partners*
  • Integrates seamlessly with other DTS Connex modules

*Provisional credit available from select financial institutions. Ask your banker about this value added service.

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