Earn Money By Playing Games Paypal

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Instead of playing games on your phone like everyone else and feeling bad for wasting your time — now you can get paid for it. Getting paid for playing games sounds like a dream. But if you download the free MISTPLAY app, and then download games from it and play, you earn money. As you level up you can earn more money for cash rewards or gift. Here is the list of a few companies that pay you to test games for money: 20. Source: Google Images. Give feedback on newly launched apps, websites and earn money. Get at least $10 per test.

Of course, working is extremely hard. Even if you’renot working on building a house, for example, you’ll still have to use yourbrain and think a lot or take up a bunch of your time to sit in the office withsome annoying task. Furthermore, you spend time and money on getting to yourworkplace, to eat and have a refreshing cup of coffee while you’re on yourbreak. It’s hard to regulate your income and schedule, and you have no ideawhen you’ll be able to rest.

Well, that might be the reason you came to this solution. Maybe you just want an additional income doing something easy. Either way, you’re curious about how to earn PayPal money.

Pros of Using PayPal

There is a list of benefits of using PayPal foranything on the web, not only getting your income this way. That’s why mostpeople opt to use this method while starting to seek more income on the web.

  • most paid online services can be connected to youraccount as they transfer money there;
  • the transfer is free and quick;
  • the usage is worldwide, meaning that you can earn notonly in your country but all around the world;
  • you don’t have to pay for a membership;
  • shopping with PayPal is fee-free;
  • this service always gives some discounts to its users,especially on special occasions and in chosen shops;
  • PayPal is extremely secure to use as you only shareyour bank card, nothing else, and you don’t have to disclose other personaldetails to those who pay you or those you buy from;
  • you can use all of your cards and options here;
  • the application is available on the mobile and youdon’t have to go online to use your balance.

Ways to Earn PayPal MoneyOnline

Sure, the ways to earn can be extremely different, andso the pay varies, too. We’ll give the Top-10 ways of working online andgetting your salary on your PayPal account. You’re free to choose any of thosedepending on how busy you are and how much you want to earn every month.

Earn money by playing games paypal

Small Bonus Income

In case you don’t have the will to work a lot outsideof your current job or you don’t want to transfer it to the web all at once,you can start with these options:


One of the best websites for a little bonus income is SwagBucks. You can create an account and earn by taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, etc. After completing the task, you get your SB points, which then can be redeemed in cash and sent to your PayPal.


This application is something you’ll have to use while shopping as usual, as it will give you some cash back while you buy things through the links. You can see the


A similar one to SwagBucks, yet, still worth trying out. You can earn by signing up, taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, using a search engine, referring to friends, clicking on links and testing products, shopping and using coupons.

Make Money Play Games Free


When you sign into the app, you can find the shops you usually buy groceries at, and then it will show you all the discounts for the shops or products that you can use. As soon as you’re done with shopping, you scan your receipt and all the cash goes back to the PayPal account. Moreover, there are special proposals to earn more cash from time to time, like referring to your friend.


If you have a spare room or even apartment, or you travel a lot, an amazing way to earn will be using Airbnb to rent those out to other

Bigger Income

Do you want to have more annual income and work on theinternet? Try these options:


It’s great if you have a writing talent and an English-speaking background. But, you don’t need it as essential to work as a freelance writer. Try your style out on different platforms like UpWork, create a portfolio of past tasks. If you don’t have those and you’re completely new to this world, make a blog and write about what you like. Then, refer your clients there.


Is writing too hard for you? Not a problem, if you know two languages or more. Then you’re free to translate projects for your clients. Creating a portfolio is easier here: you have to take sample text and translate it to other languages.

Web/Graphic Designer

Create a logo for a new company or print your drawing on T-shirts – it’s that easy. If you know a thing or two about designing images and websites, you don’t have to be professional at all. Just hop onto the platform like UpWork, CafePress or Freelancer.com and try to find clients.

Virtual Assistant

When having special talents is not for you, you can always have an urge to help others. And those people will want to pay for that if you become their virtual assistant. The work they need varies because you’ll work in a list of spheres, so it can be medical, IT or even fitness and health. Writing, optimizing text for SEO, researching and completing e-mails might be a part of what you do daily. Communication with your boss will be direct and they can pay you through PayPal.

Selling Old Things

Look into your closets to grab a thing or two and dust off the tapes you have in your garage, they will come in handy. In times when you’re really eager to find PayPal money and you can’t have another job, you can sell your old electronics, clothing, special devices, anything! There are services that are willing to pay you through PayPal, and some people will opt for that, too, if you have something interesting for them.


Earn Money For Paypal By Playing Games

Not scared to do weird things to get some cash? Log into Fiverr and create a personal account. Set up a cover photo. After that, just browse through what people propose to others for money. You’ll find strange options like “Jesus” saying what you want him to say, or writing rap lyrics with keywords provided by the client. Be creative!

Earn Money By Playing Games Paypal Redeem

As you can see, earning PayPal money is not as hard as some of us think. It’s always worth trying what’s in stock because you never know how much you can earn just in few clicks or taps of your finger. When life sets you up to an upsetting money situation explore and be creative with your ways. Use a list of platforms we proposed and find the most suitable one for yourself. Maybe, you’ll find an occupation you’ll be interested in for your whole life!