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Jun 10, 2018 All Skillz games are mobile games that you can install on your Android or iOS smart phone. Once you’re registered you can add credit card to your profile if you want to take part in money games. The top featured Skillz games include: Solitaire Cube, Real Money Bowling, Blitz 21, Bubble Shooter and more. Bubble Games for Kids. If you’re looking for a bubble game that’s easy to play for kids, Candy Bubble is a great choice for younger players. The levels feature straight-forward instructions and a line to indicate the path of the bubbles you are shooting. More Bubble Games. Outside the realm of match-3, there are a few unique bubble shooter.

Hey do you want to beat your opponents when playing for real money on Skillz bubble shooter? Learn how to beat your opponents and win real money by following the steps in this article.

Bubble Shooter

There are very little guides out there on how to play Skillz bubble shooter, but i have complied the best ones in this article for you. Read the steps below and watch the video tutorials on exactly how to beat your opponents.

Step Number 1

The first step to clearing the board is a simple one but it can be overlooked when you trying to figure out how to beat this game, and that is speed and accuracy. Speed an accuracy are so important for obvious reasons, when trying to get down to 2 bubbles as quickly as possible. But they are even more important in bubble shooter because of the RNG aspect. Some strategies will work better on certain boards, but you aren’t to know what works best until you actually play the board. So, having good speed and accuracy will set you in good stead on any board because you are going to steam roll your way to clearing the board.

Step Number 2

Step number 2 is a simple and quick one and it is to make sure you turn on your volume. Start playing every game with your volume on. This helps your muscle memory know exactly when the next ball is ready. This can greatly increase your speed, as your brain instantly knows when your next ball is ready. It’s so simple this tip but I’m guilty of doing this as well, even when I’m on Facebook and the video has audio, I would still rather sit there and read the subtitles. Keep training your muscle memory with your audio and your speed will increase.

Step Number 3

Step number 3 is more of a harder one to master and that’s to be aware of what colour ball you have coming up next. This is extremely useful for managing your board. The aim of the game is to pair up your colours and by being aware of your next colour will help you to set up that colour. More specifically an example of this, would be if I had purple ball and a red ball next. I would choose to shoot the purple balls on the board that would clear a space for me to shoot the red balls. Otherwise on my next turn I cannot pair up the red balls. It’s also a good to beware of your next colour so you don’t block the path with your current colour.

Step Number 4

Step number 4 is called bridging. Bridging is a technique used to clear a larger amount of bubbles. The technique requires you to miss bubbles on purpose so you can then clear all the bubbles with your next bubble. For example, I have 2 of the same colour bubbles, if I was to shoot the first bubble into the paired bubbles on the board, I would then have no where to sort my next bubble. But if I intentionally miss close to the paired bubbles and then connect them with my second bubble, I have then cleared all my bubbles.

Bubble Shooter Game Earn Money Hack

Step Number 5

Step number 5 is to make sure you clear your side walls as a priority. The reason you should clear your side walls as a priority, is because it gives you another angle of which you can pair up colours. If your side walls are crowded, then you don’t get the opportunity to use them as an aid in pairing up colours. More specifically your side walls let you get to them hard to reach places and opens up a larger amount of bubbles to be paired up.

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I hope you found this article useful. Take the tips you have learnt and smash your opponents for real money. Good luck!! Also don’t forget to check out all of the other Skillz games – Skillz Games List

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